CSA Workshops

The CSA Workshops allow your company to profit from the many years of experience of the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA) – a guarantee of quality for the highest technical and legal standards in Email Marketing.

Our specialists will train you in the optimization of your deliverability management as well as in the regulatory framework for legal and effective email campaigns.

Workshop “Deliverability”

The workshop “Deliverability” offers, as the name suggests, training in the technical and operative areas of Email Marketing. This workshop will provide you with an overview of the fundamentals and current developments in Deliverability. With the knowledge you gain here, you will be able to avoid disadvantages for your IP and Domain reputation (missing authentification mechanisms or a lack of address management). The workshop deals especially with the following themes:

  • Technical basics for the bulk mailing of emails (RFC conformity, authentification measures and configurations)
  • Enhancement and cleansing of receiver list (spamtrap processing, list hygiene)
  • Complaint management (blacklist management, ISP relations, user engagement)
  • Further measures to optimize and ensure deliverability (whitelisting, bounce management)
  • Improvement of reputation and reduction of delivery times (“warming up” IPs, queue monitoring)
  • Analysis of mailing results (openings, clicks, de-registrations)


Prices* Deliverability
Workshop up to 3 partici­pants from 4 partici­pants
1/2 day 1,200 € 1,800 €
1 day 2,200 € 2,900 €

Workshop “Legal”

The workshop “Legal” covers the most important regulatory themes in relation to the sending of commercial emails, taking the current law and legal situation into account. Legalities and illegalities of address generation, the legal specifications for the design and content of the emails and the retention and analysis of customer data will be considered in the workshop. Additionally, this workshop offers practical tips on correct behaviour when dealing with complaints. The workshop deals especially with the following themes:

  • Legal permission-based marketing (opt-in, exceptions for existing customer relationships, co-sponsoring/co-registration
  • Design of emails (subject lines, company details)
  • Aspects of data retention and the processing of order data (ASP and cloud services)
  • Analysis of user behaviour, including profiling (tracking, cookies, transfer of data to third parties)
  • CSA formalities from a legal perspective (conditions of participation, rules of procedure)


Prices* Legal
Workshop up to 3 partici­pants from 4 partici­pants
1/2 day 1,200 € 1,800 €
1 day 2,200 € 2,900 €

Workshop “Complete”

The workshop “Complete” offers you the full spectrum of themes relating to professional bulk mailing, and is comprised of the two areas “Deliverability” and “Legal”.


Prices* Complete
Workshop up to 3 partici­pants from 4 partici­pants
1 day 2,200 € 2,900 €

Travel costs

The prices listed above are for the presentation of the CSA workshops on the premises of the CSA Workshop Center

eco Service GmbH
Lichtstrasse 43 i
50825 Cologne

The CSA workshops can also be booked to take place on customer premises.
In this situation, the following fixed travel expenses are incurred:

Within Germany

  • Distance from CSA Workshop Center less than 100 km: free of charge
  • Distance from CSA Workshop Center over 100 km:
    • 150 € (half-day CSA-Workshops)
    • 400 € (full-day CSA-Workshops)

Outside of Germany

The CSA will also present their workshops outside of Germany, according to customer requirements (also in English). The travel expenses for the CSA are to be covered by the customer. The details will be agreed separately between the CSA and the customer.

* All prices are net prices, and do not include V.A.T.

After consultation, every workshop will be customized to your requirements. For this, we require appropriate information in advance and will, if necessary, request further material for the preparation of your workshop.

The booking and presentation of the CSA workshops are subject to the Terms and Conditions for CSA workshops.

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By email: csa-workshops@eco.de
By fax: +49 (0) 221 – 70 00 48 – 111

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