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Certified since

01 October 2005

Julia Janssen-Holldiek
Director Certified Senders Alliance

The certification guarantees in particular the following

  • No spam filtering at the ISPs and technology partners of the CSA, ensuring a higher inbox placement rate
  • Full compliance with EU law
  • Effective early-warning system through the CSA complaint management

An excerpt from the CSA quality standards

  • Emailing only with legally compliant permission
  • Reference given with every email as to how to unsubscribe
  • Legal imprint in every email
  • DKIM signature for securing authentication (protection from spam and phishing)
  • SPF (protect from fake email sender addresses)
  • X-CSA-Complaints Header for a quick and easy way to make a complaint
  • Constant monitoring through the CSA

For the complete CSA regulations, please click here.

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