Certification and Whitelisting

The Certified Senders Alliance, which acts as an interface between email senders and mailbox providers, has set itself the goal of increasing the quality and deliverability of emails – with its CSA certification.

By putting IP addresses on a whitelist – used by mailbox providers – the CSA certification reduces spam filtering and improves email inbox placement.

In addition, the CSA certification mitigates risk of hundreds of thousands Euros fines related to legal complaints of recipients

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The CSA offers individual webinars tailored to your company, covering the hot topics you are interested in.

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The CSA Workshops allow your company to profit from the many years of experience of the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA) – a guarantee of quality for the highest technical and legal standards in Email Marketing.

Our specialists will train you in the optimization of your deliverability management as well as in the regulatory framework for legal and effective email campaigns.

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Sender Reputation Index

The SRI reflects the reliability and trustworthiness of email marketers.
ESPs can resort to the SRI in order to gain additional information about the reputation of existing or potential clients, thereby enabling ESPs to mitigate potential damages to their own reputation at an early stage.

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Astrid Braken

Legal Counsel

Sebastian Fitting

Consultant Complaints Office

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Systems Engineer

Julia Janßen-Holldiek


Alexandra Koch-Skiba

Head of Complaints Office

Maike Marx

Marketing & Customer Relations

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Manager Business Development

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Consultant Complaints Office

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Marketing & Business Development

Peter-Paul Urlaub

Consultant Complaints Office

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