Terms of Use

Terms of Use

We are pleased to welcome you as a visitor to this Internet site, along with its various sub-sites, from the project “Certified Senders Alliance” (hereinafter referred to as “CSA websites”). We hope that you will also be able to benefit from our range of offers, and will find lots of ideas and stimulation for the design of your own business activities.

The CSA websites are operated by eco – Association of the Internet Industry (hereinafter “eco”), Lichtstrasse 43h, 50825, Cologne, Germany. Use of the CSA webpages is subject to the following terms and conditions.

Please take some time to read the following information carefully; you can also print or save these conditions with a click of your mouse.

I. General Information

The use of the CSA webpages is subject solely to the following terms and conditions of use. By logging in, or where a login is not required, by starting to use the site, the user accepts these terms in their current version. The use of CSA webpages is at your own risk.

II. Access to the CSA Webpages

Due to the nature of the Internet and computer systems, eco accepts no responsibility for the uninterrupted availability of the CSA webpages. eco additionally reserves the right to restrict the operation or provision of the CSA webpages in whole or in part at any time.

III. Use of Content and Information Provided

All information provided by eco on the CSA webpages has been researched and assembled with the utmost care and to the best of their knowledge and belief, and, when derived from third party sources, included without amendment. Particular importance has been placed on providing accurate and current information. However, errors may occur. Each user is responsible for checking the accuracy, completeness, and currency of the information provided. eco gives no guarantee that the information is up-to-date, correct, or complete. Please also note that the information on the CSA webpages is of a general nature and is not tailored to the specific needs of each individual case.

eco shall only assume liability for incompleteness, lack of currency, or inaccuracy of the information, and any liability for any consequences of a possible misinterpretation by the user of the information provided, in cases of gross negligence and willful misconduct on the part of eco.

The user is obliged to ensure during the course of using the CSA webpages that his use and/or the associated actions will not result under any circumstances in:
– persons, especially minors, being harmed, or injured or having their privacy rights violated;
– actions contrary to public morality;
– violation of intellectual property rights or copyright or other proprietary rights;
– the transmission of content with viruses, so-called Trojan horses or other programs that can damage software;
– entering, storing, or sending hyperlinks or content to which the user is not entitled, in particular when these hyperlinks or contents constitute a breach of confidentiality, are illegal or are in breach of contract or simply deliberately false and / or;
– advertising or unsolicited e-mails (“spam”) or inaccurate warnings of viruses, defects or similar material or invitations to participate in contests, Ponzi schemes, chain letters, pyramid schemes, or similar activities.

eco is not liable for damages which result from any misuse of the information by the user.

IV. Copyrights, trademarks, logos

The content and structure of the CSA webpages and especially the logos used are protected by copyright. All rights are reserved. All published information on the CSA webpages (text, images, graphics, audio, video or animation files) are freely accessible and free-of-charge for the user – unless stated otherwise. Each user may use and document (download) the information provided for the purposes of informing themselves personally. Any other use or exploitation of information, including the reproduction, modification, or incorporation into publications or websites of any kind is permitted only with the prior consent of eco or the respective owner of the information.

eco points out that its other rights (especially its rights to name and trademark) remain with eco without exception.

V. Hyperlinks and Links to other Webpages

The CSA webpages may contain links and / or other references to third-party webpages.

If you use certain links on the CSA webpages, you may be leaving the CSA webpages. eco assumes no responsibility for the correctness, accuracy, reliability, or completeness of information of websites referenced by links and expressly disclaims any liability for any errors contained therein or omissions, because eco has no control of and does not regularly monitor linked content and information. A hyperlink to another site is meant only as a convenience and does not imply that eco approves or authorizes the website, the products or the services described therein.

VI. Linking to eco Webpages

Links, including deep links, to CSA webpages may only be made if none of eco’s rights or the rights of other companies controlled by eco, or those of partners of the CSA, are violated, particularly copyright, ancillary copyright or trademark rights.

VII. Important Notice on Computer Viruses, Trojans and other Malware

Although eco always endeavors to keep the CSA webpages free of malware, eco cannot guarantee or assume liability that its webpages are free of malicious software. Before downloading any information, software, or documentation, the user must undertake appropriate protective measures, in particular running a virus scan, for their own protection, but also to prevent the introduction of malware to the CSA webpages.

VIII. Conditions for Responsible Use of Passwords

The user is responsible for the protection of any passwords provided to access certain areas of the CSA webpages and is solely responsible for any misuse. If a user discovers that a password has unintentionally become known to an unauthorized third party, or if there is any danger of misuse, the user must inform eco immediately. eco will then take appropriate action to block the affected password. Nonetheless, eco assumes no liability for damages arising from the misuse of passwords, unless such abuse was caused by gross negligence or willful misconduct of an agent of eco or eco itself. eco is also entitled at any time to revoke or restrict access rights by blocking access data without being required to give reasons.

IX. Data Protection

In the collection, use and processing of personal data of users of the CSA webpages, eco follows the applicable data protection regulations as well as the CSA privacy policy, which can be viewed via hyperlinks on the CSA webpages.

X. Concluding Provisions

eco reserves the right to change or update these terms and conditions and other information contained on the CSA webpages at any time without prior notice. This is also the case for improvements or changes in the products, services or initiatives described on these webpages.

Side-agreements must be made in writing.

The place of jurisdiction is Cologne if the user is a merchant pursuant to the German Commercial Code.

German law applies under exclusion of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.

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