CSA senders agree to comply with strict legal and technical quality standards (CSA Criteria). Within the last six months the following senders have exceeded the permissible number of notifications due to violations of the CSA Criteria.

Notifications due to violations of

technical admission criteria

  • Acoustic Marketing UK, Ltd.- Due to violations of the CSA regulations the sender was temporary excluded from the Certified IP List. In the meantime the sender took appropriate measures to improve quality so the temporary exclusion was revoked.
  • kajomi GmbH
  • Ketchup Adv S.r.l.
  • Mapp Digital Germany GmbH

legal admission criteria

  • adRom Media Marketing GmbH (1 customer)
  • Ketchup Adv S.r.l. (1 customer)
  • Mailjet SAS (3 customers)
  • Sendinblue SAS (2 customers)
  • XQueue GmbH (1 customer)

These senders are currently excluded from the Certified IP List due to violations of the CSA regulations:

  • CQ International B.V.

These senders are currently partly excluded from the Certified IP List due to violations of the CSA regulations:

  • Inc.

Acoustic Marketing UK, Ltd.

Adobe Systems Inc.

adRom Media Marketing GmbH

Agnitas AG

artegic AG

arvato systems GmbH

Atrivio GmbH

Backclick GmbH

Bilendi Technology SARL

Cheetah Digital Germany GmbH

Circulator Limited

Clever Elements GmbH

CleverReach GmbH & Co. KG

ComConnect GmbH

Consultix GmbH

Copernica Deutschland GmbH

CQ International B.V.

drumedar Internet-Entwicklungs-GmbH


emarsys eMarketing Systems AG

empaction GmbH

Engelmann Software GmbH

Episerver GmbH

euro.message Deutschland GmbH

eyepin GmbH

Follow-Up Systems AB / eMarketeer

GetResponse Sp.z.o.o

Hello Mail Interactive GmbH


Indoblo Commerce Limited /

Inxmail GmbH

iS-Fun GmbH

iSpace Systems & Communications SARL / BananaCloud

kajomi GmbH

Ketchup Adv S.r.l.

Klick-Tipp Limited

KünzlerBachmann Directmarketing AG / XCAMPAIGN

Lianatech GmbH

Mailjet SAS

Mailkit s.r.o.

MailUp S.p.a.

mailXpert GmbH

Mapp Digital Germany GmbH

Mayoris AG

Mister Mail BV

ncm-net communication management GmbH Internetdienste Thomas Göhrke

Nosis Laboratorio de Investigación y Desarrollo S.A.

Pinuts media + science GmbH u. Co. KG

Pixelpark GmbH GmbH GmbH

R&D Communication S.r.l.

rapidmail GmbH

Redeye International Ltd.

retarus GmbH Inc.

SC-Networks GmbH / EVALANCHE

Selligent GmbH

Sendeffect GmbH

Sendinblue GmbH

Sendinblue SAS


Swiss Marketing Systems Germany GmbH / mailflatrate

Ternair B.V.

w3work Gneuß & Arnold GbR

WEBanizer AG

WebPower Germany GmbH

Webstrategy GmbH /

Wilken AG

XQueue GmbH

Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

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