The CSA certifies senders of commercial email who adhere to high quality standards. CSA certification gives you deliverability advantages with international mailbox and spam filter providers. In addition, exclusive data helps you to identify issues and thus protect your reputation. A good reputation ensures that your emails are delivered to the inbox.


Send your emails with quality standards and always meet market requirements

CSA senders must adhere to high technical and legal standards that reflect market requirements. As CSA senders always have the security to follow current best practices and international law, their legal and financial risks are minimised.

  • The requirements of mailbox providers are communicated to CSA senders
  • International legal amendments (e.g. GDPR) are communicated to CSA senders
  • Feedback is given to senders on legal and technical deficiencies
  • Advice and support in the implementation of technical standards and legal requirements

Improve your email deliverability and reach your customers

The IP addresses of CSA senders are on the Certified IP List. A large number of international mailbox and spam filter providers access this list and rate CSA senders as trustworthy. Therefore, CSA senders enjoy deliverability advantages.

  • Improvement of the inbox rate
  • Increased sending speed
  • IP-warming advantages
  • Troubleshooting with mailbox providers via the CSA

Identify vulnerabilities and respond in a targeted manner with the CSA data

With the CSA Data Service, CSA senders benefit from exclusive mailbox and security provider data. The Certification Monitor provides CSA senders with insights into deliverability KPIs, e.g. enabling them to identify customers who are damaging their reputation. They can take targeted action and improve their reputation in the long term.

  • Monitoring and analysis of:
    • Spam Trap Hits
    • DKIM Errors
    • Spam Complaint Rate
  • Easy access to feedback loops from 1&1 (GMX, mail.com, web.de)

Minimise risks on the strength of dedicated warnings from CSA experts

CSA senders receive valuable feedback from deliverability and legal experts about non-compliant emails. Based on this information, CSA senders can purposefully rectify any of their undetected deficiencies and thus prevent potential damage.

  • Notification of individual user complaints
  • Forwarding of mailbox provider complaints in the event of serious anomalies
  • Notification in the event of non-compliance with legal requirements and irregularities in the technical setup
  • Advice and support in resolving deficiencies

Be part of the CSA community and benefit from the exchange with experts

As the interface between email senders and mailbox providers, the CSA brings the community together and offers a platform for exchange. In addition, CSA senders benefit from the exchange with experts from the industry.

  • Exclusive access to the CSA network for exchange within the email community
  • Benefit from the CSA’s international network and cooperative initiatives such as M3AAWG or Signal Spam
  • Participation in the further development of the CSA criteria and market standards
  • Exclusive webinars and workshops
  • CSA certificate as a seal of quality within the industry


You send automated commercial emails.
You have sole responsibility over your outbound email servers.

You can meet high quality standards
(CSA Criteria).


As we are a service of eco - Association of the Internet Industry in cooperation with the German Dialogmarketing Association , we offer transparent and fair prices. We charge a one-off fee for the assessment process and monthly contributions after successful certification. See our price list for details.



Fill out the online form below and we will contact you for a preliminary consultation.


Over the course of the preliminary consultation, we will clarify whether your company is generally suitable for a CSA certification.


In the assessment process, we check your compliance with the CSA Criteria based on, for example, your IP addresses and newsletter.


The Certification Committee then decides whether certification can be granted.




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