The Certification

Who can be certified ?

The CSA certifies email senders; decisive for the certification is the IP-sovereignty over the sender server.

Why you should get certified?

Improvethe delivery and deliverability of your commercial emails: Increase your inbox placement rate and reduce spam filtering

Protectyourself from legal and financial risks by fully complying with legal standards

Protectyour reputation by means of early warnings from the CSA Complaints Office and daily spam trap reports

Promoteyour trustworthiness with the CSA trusted seal

Enhance your company profile with your trusted seal on

Expandyour network as part of a vibrant email expert community

How you can get the Certification - The Process


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Provide a sample of your commercial emails and implement the CSA criteria with the support of the CSA experts


Enjoy the benefits of certification after the positive decision of the committe

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