CSA Certification

The CSA certifies senders of commercial emails who adhere to high quality standards. CSA certification gives you deliverability advantages with international mailbox and spam filter providers. In addition, exclusive data helps you to identify issues and thus enhance your reputation. This leads to an increase in inbox rates.

Improve your deliverability

As a CSA sender required to follow best practices, you enjoy a number of deliverability benefits with many major mailbox and spam filtering providers.

  • Deliverability benefits
  • Improve the false-positive rate
  • Improve sending speed
  • IP-warming advantages
  • Trouble shooting: Contact mailbox providers via the CSA

Always follow best practices

CSA senders are committed to maintaining the high technical and legal standards required by the market. This gives you the security of always following the latest best practices.

  • Conformity with legal requirements through compliance with CSA criteria
  • Fulfilment of the requirements of the mailbox providers
  • Support with the implementation of technical standards and legal regulations
  • Minimise legal and financial risks by sending legally compliant emails

Identify vulnerabilities with CSA data

With the CSA Data Service, CSA senders benefit from essential and exclusive data from mailbox and security provider and detailed information on user complaints. This insight helps you to identify, for example, customers who are damaging your reputation. This can help you improve your email traffic and your reputation in the long term.

CSA Sender receive the following data:

  • Spam Trap Hits
  • DKIM Errors
  • Spam Complaint Rate
  • User Complaints

Be part of the community

As an interface between email senders and mailbox providers, the CSA brings the community together and offers a platform for interaction.

  • Exclusive access to the CSA network for exchange within the email expert community
  • Benefit from the CSA’s international network and cooperations such as M3AAWG or Signal Spam
  • Participation in the further development of the CSA criteria and market standards


You send automated commercial emails.
You have technical control and IP sovereignty over your mail server.
You have a six-month sending history.
You are willing to meet high standards (CSA Criteria).



Fill out the online form below and we will contact you for a preliminary consultation.


Over the course of the preliminary consultation, we will clarify whether your company is generally suitable for a CSA certification.


In the assessment process, we check your compliance with the CSA Criteria based on, for example, your IP addresses and newsletter.


The Certification Committee then decides whether certification can be granted.




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