CSA and Abusix join forces to protect email recipients

The CSA (Certified Senders Alliance) and Abusix are joining forces with immediate effect to improve email security for receivers and deliverability for CSA senders. The cooperation agreement provides a regular data exchange to improve efficiency and customer experience.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will be able to improve their own spam filtering and prevent delays in email deliverability. CSA senders, on the other hand, will benefit from a broader receiver base which will improve the email deliverability to the desired recipients; right into their inboxes.

Abusix provides apart from their leading blocklists also a welcome list /allowlist (previously also known as whitelist) of trusted partners to hundreds of mailbox providers, telecoms, cloud, and hosting providers, which improves the data quality and ensures the sender’s trustworthiness.

Abusix has now integrated the certified CSA senders into its own welcome list. CSA senders benefit from this partnership as it improves email deliverability.

Sebastian Kluth, Technical Director of the CSA, says: “With the data provided by Abusix, certified senders can directly see where email delivery needs to be improved to further enhance the email quality and protect recipients from unsolicited or dangerous emails.”

Tobias Knecht, CEO of Abusix adds, “The CSA IP list complements our internal welcome list, which we share with our own customers. We work with an improved database which helps us avoid false positives and improve efficiency in processing our blocklists.”

ISPs and other Abusix customers can thus filter unwanted or dangerous emails for their own customers even better and more efficiently.

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