Emailing2020, Prague

The independent conference Emailing2020 started out in 2016 and since then has inspired hundreds of people, who are interested in email marketing. This year, the third conference Emailing2020 will take a place 4.10.2018 in The City Conference Center nearby the city centre of Prague, Czech Republic. The very important highlight of this event is that almost all speakers will speak in Prague for the first time. Visitors will meet Jason Rodriguez (USA) from Litmus Software Inc., Tim Watson (UK) from Zettasphere, Rémi Parmentier (FR) from Tilt Studio, Jenna Tiffany (UK) from Let’sTalk Strategy and many more inspiring speakers and influencers focused on email marketing. Those who want to hear about trends, innovations and expert theory applied in real case studies in email marketing definitely should book this date in their calendars.

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Konferenční centrum City,
Na Strži 1702/65, Praha 4

October 4, 2018

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