New CSA Partner: Fastmail

We are pleased to announce that Fastmail is now officially a CSA Partner and is using the CSA IP-list for incoming emails. Emails from CSA certified senders will now reach even more inboxes around the world.

Why Fastmail joined the CSA

"Fastmail takes pride in going above and beyond to give email customers everywhere the best experiences. To do so, CSA certification protects users from spam, while ensuring the mail customers want is delivered."

About Fastmail

Fastmail is email, calendars, and contacts that give you privacy and control. Get blazing fast email service from the leaders in email privacy for over 20 years. Fastmail helps you save time, get organized, and do more on any device with powerful, modern features. Set up your ideal workflow in Fastmail—be it simple or inventive. Email from your custom domain and get expert support if you ever need it.






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