BIMI: How to use as a Brand

Major companies like Google, Microsoft and Yahoo have been working together to help reduce spam and help branding measures in just one move. But how does a single brand reduce spam and implement such branding? Without SPF, DKIM and DMARC there’s not much point in developing an email marketing strategy – you won’t get far. Using these standards, the Witt Group has also managed to implement BIMI successfully.

But some barriers had to be overcome. First of all, the email security officer and domain administrator had to be convinced, as well as the ESP, the stakeholders, and of course the direct CEO.


What are the important steps taken by the Witt Group team?

  1. Create a plan and allow enough time for implementation
  2. Determine responsibilities – Who is responsible for configuring settings? Who is responsible for monitoring?
  3. Use monitoring tools during the domain cleanup phase
  4. Constantly check and adjust records and settings
  5. Spread knowledge about email security measures throughout the company


What successes can the Witt Group point since introducing these steps? Impeccable deliverability, which is usually at 100%, and presentable open rates. Another important task is to encourage ESPs, ISPs and other brands to adopt BIMI to form a united front against spammers. BIMI builds trust while adding value to any brand’s marketing.

You can read about how you can implement BIMI as a brand in our follow-up report ‘Implementing BIMI’.

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