CSApi – The Data Service for Certified Senders

The CSApi is an open API service for certified senders. The purpose is to automate deliverability, performance, and feedback data provided by the CSA Mailbox Provider partners.

The CSApi is the foundation for a server-based data exchange service as well as a completely new monitoring tool, which is under construction and will be launched in 2021.

Background and Goals

Since the CSA criteria have been defined, there has always been the demand to create transparency for monitoring the compliance.

Data is the key to identify bad performing email traffic. The email ecosystem can only improve when receivers – e.g. Mailbox and Security Provider – provide data feedback to senders. CSA criteria like Spam Click/Complaints require data transparency to uncover violations.

The usage of the CSApi data is included in the CSA Membership. It only requires internal development to integrate on sender’s site. The shared data is closely related to the measurements mentioned in the CSA criteria and provided in aggregations and averages. For now, it covers the most important criteria 2.20 DKIM authentication, 2.22 Spam Click Rate, and 2.23 Reputation Factors like Spam Traps.

It is not the primary goal to optimize the inbox placement only – by outlining negative reputations factors the expectation is set to improve email traffic to result in a better inbox placement.

How to make use of the CSApi

To build the CSA data service, the existing partnerships have been extended to receive data on a regular basis. A completely new infrastructure and software development strategy has been implemented.

As the CSApi data service is included in the CSA membership, it doesn’t create any additional costs. It only requires to request the API access key and Github repository to start the implementation on ESP site.

Setting up a regular data pull for monitoring enables the mitigation of CSA criteria violations.


API endpoints v1.0

The current available endpoints are:

  • Spam Clicks / Complaints
  • DKIM Errors
  • Spam Traps
  • IP Status Report

The Spam Clicks endpoint provides the spam click rates on either ESP, IP, or DKIM level. It includes the spam clicks on the spam / junk button as well as moving an email from inbox into spam folder. It is calculated on a moving 7-days average and provides the minimum for the best, and the maximum for the worst value of spam click rates on either IP or DKIM level.

The DKIM Errors endpoint provides the number of DKIM errors based on either ESP or IP level. It includes missing DKIM or invalid DKIM signatures measured by the Mailbox Provider.

The Spam Traps endpoint provides the number of spam trap hits based on either ESP, IP, or DKIM level. It includes the number of spam trap hits of the past calendar day.

The IP Status Report provides the overview about the managed IPs at the CSA. The IP report is currently based on an internal synchronized export from CLIP. This data sync routine will be replaced by the new IP management in 2021.

Outlook 2021

In 2021 the CSA will provide a web-based monitoring and IP management tool. It will further include extensions of the first endpoints. New tools and endpoints will be added to further improve the CSA certification experience, the email traffic, and eco system, as well as supporting new email standards.

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