Early checks with the CSA checklist

If you are interested in CSA certification but are not sure which of the CSA criteria you already fulfil, the CSA checklist offers you a good overview.

Why have these criteria?

For successful certification, the CSA requires senders to meet certain criteria. These criteria reflect the best practices resulting from the standards of mailbox and spam filter providers as well as from the applicable law for the automated sending of emails.

For the successful sending of commercial emails – for example, newsletters and transactional emails – it is therefore in your own interest to implement and comply with the criteria.

But how do I check which criteria are actually relevant for me and which ones I already fulfil? For this purpose, we have developed the CSA checklist (link), which presents key aspects of the criteria in summary form.

The CSA checklist

Senders can check the relevant criteria via a web form and thus validate their own status regarding the mailings structure: Senders can use it to check under which aspects they already meet CSA standards, and under which aspects it makes sense to readjust their mailings setup if necessary. In sync with the structure of the regulations, the checklist consists of a legal and a technical section, as well as the reputation factors. Once the checklist has been completed, it can simply be submitted. It then arrives at the CSA.

The checklist is therefore helpful for anyone who wants to check their own sending setup in the run-up to a certification request (link to the request form).

And afterwards?

After you have completed the checklist, let’s talk about any of your questions and points that have arisen from the checklist. But most importantly, about how the CSA can support you. We will be happy to get in touch with you.

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