What is the eco Complaints Office and what is its role in relation to the CSA?

What does the eco Complaints Office do?


The eco Complaints Office has been fighting illegal content on the Internet since 1996. It is embedded in the system of regulated self-regulation and, in particular, also has the task of improving and promoting the protection of minors on the Internet.

To effectively combat illegal internet content, the Complaints Office cooperates with providers, partner complaints offices and law enforcement agencies, among others. In all of this, the eco Complaints Office stands for neutral and comprehensible processes and is the contact for association members, the state, society and politics.

In addition, the eco Complaints Office handles reports of the unauthorised sending of advertising mails and newsletters. Here, too, the eco Complaints Office follows a self-regulatory approach.


What tasks does the Complaints Office perform in cooperation with the CSA?


The eco Complaints Office deals with complaints management for the CSA.

The main objective is always to support Certified Senders in improving the quality of their emails and compliance with the CSA regulations.

In the case of complaints about the unauthorised sending of advertising emails and newsletters involving a CSA-certified sender, the eco Complaints Office conducts an intensive investigation. If commissioned by the complainant, a comprehensive discussion of the facts takes place (in particular on data collection). Here, the Certified Sender has the opportunity to address and respond to the complaint.

The eco Complaints Office then assesses the facts of the case and checks whether the legal and technical criteria for CSA senders have been met. It then informs the senders concerned of any errors that may have occurred and, if necessary, supports them in rectifying them.

In addition, the eco Complaints Office supports Certified Senders in legal issues through the training sessions offered at the annual CSA Summit in legal workshops.

It also continues to develop the standards for sending commercial emails in accordance with the current legal situation and the latest technical developments, in cooperation with the CSA.

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