The CSA Certification Monitor

The Certified Senders Alliance have launched a new tool for certified senders – the Certification Monitor. This web-based tool is an addition to the CSA service with the goal of providing insights into CSA compliance and helping ESPs to optimize their deliverability.

Following on from the launch of the CSApi in November 2020, the Certification Monitor is using the same API to provide an easy-to-use access to the partner data that the CSA is receiving on a daily basis.

This data exchange between Mailbox Providers, Security Providers and the CSA is aiming to create transparency on deliverability issues.

The Certification Monitor is an easy-to-use online tool and doesn’t require any further technical integrations. It is an exclusive tool allowing certified senders to add value to the existing certification services and benefits.

Using the Certification Monitor, a certified sender can monitor and analyze the following major KPIs, related to the:

  • Spam Complaint Rate
  • Spam Trap Hits
  • DKIM Errors


The tool currently includes three main areas.

1. The Dashboard

The Dashboard, which provides a quick overview for an easy-to-understand status check of the CSA certification, as well as access to further areas of the tool:

Certification Monitor Dashboard

2. The Analytics

The Analytics section enables a deep-dive analysis of deliverability KPIs such as Spam Complaint Rate, DKIM Errors or Spam Traps on a global view or for specific filtered IPs or DKIMs based on a customized date range:


Certification Monitor Analytics

Certification Monitor IP Management


3. The IP Management

The current first version of the IP Management contains the reporting of the IP status added to the certified IP list, but will be updated with further IP management functions, such as uploading, downloading or deleting IPs.


The different tool areas provide an easy-to-understand graphical interface using color-coding or trend graphs. Download functions and filtering options help the deliverability manager to investigate, identify and understand causes for deliverability issues of their sending brands.

The first version of the Certification Monitor will be expanded and updated on a regular quarterly basis to add more functionality and added value. Certified senders are invited to submit feature requests or feedback using the closed CSA senders slack channel.

In Q2/2022, the Certification Monitor will replace all other tools like CLIP and will be the single self-service online tool for CSA Certified Senders.

Check out our webinar, which present and demonstrate the use and the added value for certified senders for deliverability monitoring.

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